Worst Night Whenever is the second episode of Season 2 and the twentieth episode overall of Best Friends Whenever. It aired on July 26, 2016 to 1.12 million viewers.


Bret and Chet are nervous about attending the 6th grade dance. With bad memories of their own 6th grade dance, Cyd and Shelby go back in time to get a second chance.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Will Babbitt as Neil
  • Madison Horcher as Bianca 
  • Joe Malone as Principal Dilmore (uncredited)


  • Ernie Kamp (Gus Kamp's brother) briefly appears as Barry, when Naldo lifts him out of the garbage can.
  • They travel to sixth grade in 2012.
  • Everything that happened to Chet and Bret in the B-plot got erased from the timeline because Cyd and Shelby returned roughly to the beginning of the episode. This is also the first episode where Cyd and Shelby's time travelling erase the events of the B-plot.


  • The school commons still had the West Portland Salmon sign in 2012, but it was not added until 2016.

International Premieres

  • November 13, 2016 (Hungary)
  • November 28, 2016 (Israel)
  • December 14, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)
  • January 14, 2017 (Poland)


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