West Portland High School is a school and one of the primary settings in Best Friends Whenever. The students include, but are not limited to, Shelby Marcus, Cyd Ripley, Barry Eisenberg, Naldo Montoya, Marci & Cameron.


Northwood High School, the model used for the picture.


West Portland High School is the most common school area in West Portland. Many students attend there for education and learning purposes. Seen from Shake Your Booty, the school was still there in 1978 so the school has a long history. The school was built around in 1800's or such. Shelby, Cyd, Naldo & Barry attend this school and do many activities. The girls have been time traveling here more than any other location. Only seen on screen.

Secondary Locations

  • The Cafeteria
  • History Class
  • Lockers
  • Chemistry Lab

Students of 2015

Students of 1978


Existing Staff

  • Unknown principal (Principal)
  • Mr. Doyle (Chemistry teacher)
  • Ms. Johnson (History teacher, replaces Nesbit) (2015-)
  • Mr. Canavan (Language Arts teacher) (1978-)

Old Staff

  • Ms. Nesbit (History teacher in the original timeline) (?-2015)


  • Best Friends Whenever is the fourth show in the Disney Channel universe to have a school named after the town it's in.
  • Ms. Nesbit is no longer apart of the staff in this school due to Shelby and Cyd's jump for the alternate timeline.
  • Many areas of the school such as the library and the football field, are named after Dax Fraggins, the school's largest benefactor and most successful graduate.


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