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  • I live in Central City
  • Bio It doesn’t have to be an enemy. It could be an ally, or an equal. Maybe even a partner?
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I am TheSpeedyBrainiac! But you can call me Mica, I've managed to binge watch BFW in 2 days.
As soon as I saw Cyd and Naldo in Revenge of the Past, I literally started hyperventilating. I am not joking.

My Favorite Pages

  1. Cyd and Naldo (the ship that made me hyperventilate)
  2. Naldo Montoya, the hat boy.
  3. Daisy, the royal princess. Who totally deserved Barry.
  4. Barry, I can't even explain how cute he is.
  5. Shelby Marcus, so relatable!
  6. Cydney "Cyd" Ripley, I love her!
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