Rob "The Rob" is a character in Best Friends Whenever. He is Shelby's lab partner and used to have a crush on her.

The Rob is portrayed by Brendan Meyer.


In A Time to Rob and Slam, he was Shelby's new lab partner assigned by his science teacher Mr. Doyle.


He's a very confident guy, but also is obnoxious. He likes to trash talk people and is very good to where his nickname is "The Rob".


Shelby Marcus (enemy/former crush/ex-girlfriend in an alternate timeline)

The Rob is mean and annoying to Shelby. But the only reason he was annoying to Shelby was actually because he actually tried to ask her out on Valentine's Day in 2015. Shelby didn't realize he asked her out at the time. He originally insults her, but in the alternate timeline, they're dating. But he soon dumps her and tries to ask out Cyd (who rejects him by punching him in the stomach).

Cyd Ripley (enemy/crush in alternate timeline)

Cyd dislikes Rob for teasing Shelby, and thinks he is a jerk. In the alternate timeline, Rob dumps Shelby, his girlfriend, and tries to ask Cyd out. This move angers Cyd, and she rejects him by punching him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the floor.


Better call the cops, you just got Robbed!
—Rob talking to Shelby
Hey! Shelbo, rhymes with elbow! Shelbo-elbow the dweebo!
—Rob talking to Shelby


  • He was Shelby's first boyfriend in the alternate timeline.
  • He dumped Shelby for Cyd in the alternate timeline but was dumped.
  • He was shy during Valentine's Day of 2015.
  • He was chemistry partners with Shelby.
  • He has a few exclamations which he says after harassing someone, all of which include his name in some form, including "Standing Rob-vation!"


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