Shy Tim is a character in Best Friends Whenever. His real name is not Shy Tim but it is his nickname. He does attend West Portland High School just like the girls.


Mr. Doyle didn't let Cyd be partners with Shelby and instead partnered Cyd up with "Shy Tim". As Cyd looks over she sees Tim pull his hoodie over his face, revealing how shy he really is.


Shy Tim is very quiet and shy and doesn't let anyone talk to him. According to Mr. Doyle's 'gossip' he's a chatterbox at his home.


Cyd Ripley (Lab Partner)

In A Time to Rob and Slam, Cyd get paired up with him for the lab partners. He dropped his wallet once, then Cyd tried to give it back to him but then he ran away, so Cyd stole $20 from it. After remembering that, she is more happier to be with Tim.

Jane (Girlfriend)

She is exactly the same as Tim, only she wears a pink hoodie over her face. They don't even talk.


Tim: *pulls hoodie strings*
—Showing his shyness


  • He has a girlfriend named Jane who wears the same hoodie, but it's pink.
  • He is really shy.



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