We need to go to the same college, marry best friends, have kids, our kids get married and we can be grandmas together.
—Shelby, A Time to Cheat

Shelby Marcus[1] is one of the main protagonists of Best Friends Whenever. Shelby is Cyd's best friend and the two girls live together in Shelby's house, due to Cyd's parents leaving for Peru. Shelby and Cyd discover their power to time travel together by messing around with a science machine. Shelby is a girly, quirky, cheerful, and intelligent young teen. She always likes to keep it safe and is always struggling to keep her and Cyd out of trouble.

Shelby is portrayed by Lauren Taylor.

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Season 1

A Time to Travel

Shelby was the one who woke up Cyd if it was morning and she did. Reason to this, Shelby is an Early Bird and doesn't want to get late for school or anything else. She often has to wait until the last moment (like to decorate her room.
Shelby then helps Cyd go to school because Cyd's parents have gone to Peru. Shelby is happy that Cyd is apart of her life and succeeds to work with her as a best friend. Before they go to school, Barry calls upon Shelby and Cyd to exhibit a new emotion tester. Shelby and Cyd are way annoyed with the inventions now. After they go in, Shelby and Cyd also say Hi to Naldo who is waiting and experimenting with chemicals. Shelby smiles at Naldo and says hi to him politely and Cyd feels like she is lazy enough to sit down.
After that Naldo plays with the Time Traveling Machine and leaves it up to a hit directory of "4". Shelby asks Barry if the dance thing is ready and they say yes. Shelby is very pleased that the boys appreciated her. Naldo and Barry exit to see Naldo's problem and Cyd lurks around. Shelby looks unhappy when Cyd searches Barry's stuff to see food. Then Cyd opens up the time traveling machine box and then Cyd is frightened. She then runs over to Shelby who is very scared too. They then hug each other.
The machine then blasts them by reflecting ever panel on Barry's desk and directly hits Shelby and Cyd. Shelby and Cyd stop screaming and then they exit, weirdly. They both have strange looks in their faces of what happened but they didn't say bye to Barry. After Shelby exits the room, a yellow beam gleams and surrounds the RV and then it disappears. After that scene, the girls arrive at school. Cyd is hungry and is unable to buy something from the vending machine because of Shelby. Shelby is angry that Cyd cares about food and not her life. After that, Shelby feels nervous because she has to do this all for Cameron so he can say yes to Shelby for the dance. Shelby then goes in brave and bold. Marci then arrives and then Cyd distracts Marci. Cyd asks Marci if there is a dollar to borrow for food.
Shelby then tries but fails after she slips on the Janitor's washing supplies and hits the table.
Shelby and Cyd then get up, and after that, Cameron doesn't know who asked him but he was happy that someone did that. Shelby and Cyd then remember this morning and then they just realize they time traveled. They are both in shock especially Cyd. Shelby calms her down but looks like she doesn't want to calm her down. After that, they do the day over again and they fix what happened with Shelby and Cameron. Shelby and Cyd accidentally do it together and then Cyd is the one who is asked by the dance to Cameron. before Cyd could ask Cameron, Barry comes and warns Cyd that she and Shelby have been hit by the Ray "400", therefore creating time travel. Cyd then tells Barry they time traveled and Cyd is sad. Shelby is furious and sad that he thinks Cyd likes him. Afterwards, Shelby and Cyd think of 2017 and land there. Everything is normal accept Marci. Shelby and Cyd then realize that they think of a time and travel there. After they look in the mirror, they haven't talked to each other in two years due to a fight in 2015 about Cameron. Then they go back to 2015 and Cyd walks from Shelby because Shelby's doesn't believe that they are best friends. Cyd then goes to Barry's RV. She apologizes for touching Barry's inventions and Barry thanked her. Then he helped her with her emotions. It didn't turn at well at all. Shelby then comes and says sorry to Cyd. Shelby and Cyd then go back to start the day again and Shelby doesn't care about Cameron, she cares about her best friend. So then, they decorate their room by time traveling.

A Time to Cheat

Shelby and Cyd have to try to not think of Ms. Nesbit's class or touch each other. If that happens, then they go to the test and Shelby and Cyd have to do it the normal way and study. Shelby is pleased to study but Cyd feels like she just wants to go to sleep. Cyd is then waken by Shelby and then they touch each other going to the test.
Barry then talks to the girls and Shelby doesn't care so she puts a paper bag over his head.
Shelby and Cyd then question their time traveling skills and travel back. Cyd is not pleased with the way they are doing this and so they change time by doing it Cyd's way. They think of the test and then Cyd takes the test answers of Ms. Nesbit to go back to their room and cheat. Shelby thinks that is very uncool and Cyd doesn't care. Cyd then copies off the sheet. It is the next day and Cyd takes the copy to class. But Shelby wishes that Ms. Nesbit wasn't a teacher because she is so mean. Cyd and Shelby touch and then there is another teacher. Ms. Nesbit then becomes a policeman.
Afterwards, Barry questions why Shelby said that and Barry grows suspicious. She then knows that they time traveled and Barry is very angry.
Shelby and Cyd disappear back to their room and Shelby rips Cyd's paper. Shelby and Cyd have to deal it with not studying together. Afterwards, Shelby gets a good grade while Cyd fails. The two best friends continue to not cheat again or then there is consequences.

A Time to Say Thank You

Shelby goes too far with the thank you after she agrees to help Cyd. Shelby helps her with a huge thank you and Cyd wants to do everything on fire. Shelby disagrees with this idea because it is too dangerous after the pair travel to the future to see the kitchen disaster. After consulting with Barry, Cyd gives a house plant to Astrid and Norm
who were pleased with the gift. Then Shelby steps in with hula dancers and rock stars with a cake. Cyd is angry at the idea and Shelby forgives her. They then rekindle and it somehow leads to a fire again after a burrito gone wrong.
The two don't go back in time and fix it but Shelby goes to Barry and gets some help. They talk it out how Barry has to say thank you to Naldo and he didn't like it. Shelby and Cyd with the whole family share a good hug with Cyd saying there is wax in the apple.

A Time to Jump and Jam

Shelby and Cyd go to a middle school memory and Shelby forbids Cyd. Shelby reveals to Cyd that she hid the invitations to keep Cyd away from the assume to be bad girl.

A Time to Rob and Slam

Shelby's new lab partner, Rob, is one of the biggest jerks in their high school, and it's up to Cyd and Shelby to find out why. Shelby later find out that she is the Ice-cold Felicia, who had broke Rob's heart on Valentine's Day 2015. She tries to fix it by going on a date with him, but later got dumped so that The Rob could go out with Cyd. She is last seen watching Spark Dynamo, Shelby thinks that it is horrible, but Cyd thinks that it is the other way around.

The Butterscotch Effect

The girls try to change the past so that Barry can meets his science hero, but accidentally end up turning Barry's life into a disaster.

Shake Your Booty

Cyd and Shelby go back to 1978 to get information on disco for a report in history class. When they travel back to 1978, she and Cyd left behind tachyons, Barry and Naldo's only link to the girls. She is super excited to meet and learn about the disco people, while Cyd prefers to hang out with the punk kids. She is seen having trouble with her disco woot woot, even though a lot of people helped her. She gets herself thrown into detention, a punk only zone. She forgets why she is in detention and gets teased by the punk kids. She gets stood up by Cyd, the reason that she is in detention. They then had their memories returned and successfully traveled back. Upon learning that they brought the punks and discos together, they wanted to be a part of that moment. Shelby and Cyd went back and performed Shake Your Booty. Back at Shelby's house, they are surprised that they knew every single dance move to the song. They then accidentally traveled to the future lab and saw a person approaching them. She suggests that they should travel back, but Cyd wants to stay. They ultimately discovered a logo on the person's suit, which gives them big clues about the future lab.

Jump to the Future Lab

Cyd and Shelby go to Barry's lab and describe to him what they saw in the future (although he's not paying attention). Suddenly, they notice the logo (the letter G) all over his lab, and suspect him of being involved in the future lab, causing them to turn back and leave. Cyd and Shelby try to pry information out of Barry without letting him know they suspect him, but fail to do so. They break down and ask for the information forcefully. Barry reveals that the G was the logo for Globo-Digi-Dyne, and Mr. Marcus works there (which is funny because Shelby didn't know). They follow Mr. Marcus to Globo-Digi-Dyne, and disguise themselves as two robot testers. Unknown to them, Bret and Chet followed them, and played around with robot machines. They cause the robots to chase after the two girls without knowing it. Barry and Naldo, who have discovered the two girls in hiding, go off to warn them. Naldo is disguised as a teenage genius and Barry is the new mailman, although Barry meant for it to be the other way around. The girls figure out that Mr. Marcus just wanted a promotion from Janet Smythe, and try to get out of Globo-Digi-Dyne. However, Cyd, Shelby, Barry, Naldo, Bret, and Chet all accidentally end up at Janet Smythe's presentation and ruin in it. Janet is furious, and fires Mr. Marcus for not supervising his children, and shouts in rage that he was never going to get the promotion anyway. Cyd and Shelby feel guilty, and time travel back to before this happened. They decide that Mr. Marcus has nothing to do with the future lab, and go downstairs to give Mr. Marcus some tips on how to get the promotion. Thanks to the girls, Mr. Marcus got the promotion. Janet show him the Pelican Ball Room which turns out to be the future lab the girls saw.

Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape

Cyd and Shelby travel to the Central Park Spootakular using Barry's newest invention. They get trapped in the haunted house with Girl Meets World's Riley Matthews and Lucas Friar.

When Shelby Met Cyd

Cyd and Shelby Strike Back

The Girls of Christmas Past

A Time to Double Date

Jump to the '50s

Diesel Gets Lost in Time


Shelby is kind, cheerful, sassy, and a bit girly. She is smart and she thinks ahead all the time, however, she can be a bit naïve. She is very positive and wants the best for everyone. Shelby is a genuinely kind-hearted person, to the point where she feels guilty at being unkind to even honestly unpleasant people, such as The Rob. Shelby tends to be a little high strung but she is determined and a kind person.

Physical Appearance


Shelby's Appearance

Shelby has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her hair is just below her shoulders and often wears it down and curled. She likes to wear casual clothes with jeans. Shelby's style is cute and girly with a little bit of bohemian. Shelby wears knee-high socks with her clothes usually paired with a skirt and also likes to wear blazers. In Jump to the '50's she becomes a girl with brown eyes and brown hair.


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Cyd Ripley (best friend/act like sisters)

Main Article: Shelby & Cyd

Shelby and Cyd have known each other since kindergarten and have experienced many things on their way. The two girls are best friends and do everything together. After an experiment gone terribly wrong, the two girls use the power for mostly everything.

Barry Eisenberg (close friends/neighbor)

Main Article: Barry & Shelby

Barry and Shelby are close friends.

Naldo Montoya (close friends)

Main Article: Shelby & Naldo

Naldo and Shelby are close friends.


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Season 1

Season 2

Appearances: 23/23

Current Powers

  • Time Traveling - Shelby and Cyd have a time travel power which makes them move to the past and future by touching each other in any way. This is a special power that no one has ever discovered.
  • Tachyon Rays - Since she is infused with tachyons, Shelby can also manipulate tachyon rays. This is a new power she obtained in Fight The Future, Part 3. She can amplify her blasts if she holds hands with Cyd.

Former Powers

Following using Barry's experimental teleportation level, she ended gaining some temporary powers. They managed to get rid of them by going back before they got them and destroying the ray.


  • She lives in Portland, Oregon.
  • She is a bit girly.
  • In the present, she is a freshman in high school.
  • Shelby's surname is Marcus.
  • Shelby had a crush on Cameron.
  • The original casting call reveals her name was originally Gwen; This would be a play on the word whenever, as Cyd's name was originally Ever, thus, creating Gwenever.
  • It is revealed that whenever she gets stressed out, she develops a massive rash, begins belching, and eats excessively.
  • She is very neat and tidy.
  • She always gets good grades.
  • Her middle name is Sandy, after the movies Grease and Grease Live portrayed by Olivia Newton-John and Julianne Hough.
  • She is the good girl who keeps it safe.
  • It's revealed she wears glasses in 2013 but used contacts in the present.
  • She accidentally named Barry when she went to the past and met his dad.
  • She dislikes Spark Dynamo, much like Barry.
  • Shelby wants to be on the same family tree as Cyd, like being co-parents in-law.
  • She and Cyd have the power to time travel.
  • She is terrified of silence.
  • She is a fan of Liv Rooney and Austin Moon.
  • She cannot tell when a boy has a crush on her, no matter how obvious it is. Whenever a boy approaches her with flowers or chocolates, she honestly and sincerely wishes him the best in wooing whichever girl he plans to give them to, never once considering the possibility that they could be for her.
  • She hated bologna, at least in kindergarten.
  • She and Cyd get their first jobs at Fudgie Town.
  • It can be assumed that Shelby received her blonde hair from her Grandma Rita (as she had blonde hair when she was younger) and her blue eyes from her mom, Astrid.
  • Her Original name is a Reference to A character from Total Drama


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