Sebastian is a recurring character in Best Friends Whenever and he's also the main antagonist of Season 2.


Sebastian is a young arrogant Nobleman from 1522. Although they have never met, he and Daisy have been betrothed for two years. When Shelby and Cyd inform him that Daisy wishes to break their engagement, he will not release her from their arranged marriage easily.


He is egotistical and vain and is a bully towards others. He is also misogynist.



He and Daisy had been betrothed for two years. In It's Not Ye, It's Me, he lost Daisy in a battle "to the death" with Shelby and Cyd (fortunately, Cyd spared his life).

Shelby & Cyd

When he had first met them in Daisy's time he was arm wrestling Cyd and later he and Shelby (dressed as a man) were fighting to the death until Cyd intervened and successfully defeated Sebastian while Shelby knocked him out.

Later in Revenge of the Past, Sebastian returned and Cyd and Shelby devised a plan to send him back into 1505 with Shelby dancing with him at the homecoming dance until their plan backfired with Sebastian recognizing Shelby as the squire and Cyd as the wench but he was sent back into the time rift with Shelby unwillingly getting sent back in time as well.

Barry & Naldo

Sebastian had no qualms with attempting to kill them during a confrontation and they had very little interaction with one another.

Barry asked if Sebastian was okay with a battle of wits which he denied resulting in Barry getting afraid.



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  • He has a birthmark shaped like Italy.
  • He was betrothed to Daisy when he was fifteen and she was thirteen.
  • Sebastian's actor Barrett Carnahan also played Spencer on K.C. Undercover. Sebastian is similar to Spencer in that they're both arrogant bullies who make fun of the "new guy", who is really the main female character disguised as a man. Both end up fighting the disguised female character, and at the end, both characters find themselves schooled by a woman.
  • His actor also portrayed Link Evilman from the Nickelodeon series The Thundermans.


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