Revenge of the Past is the twelfth and final episode in Season 2 of Best Friends Whenever. It aired on December 11, 2016 to 0.94 million viewers.


Shelby gets trapped in the 16th century after trying to save Daisy from marriage, so the friends join forces to help rescue her. 


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rosalind Ayres as Lucinda

Memorable Quotes

Barry: I'm really glad you didn't marry that handsome strong guy.
Daisy: What can I say? I have a thing for handsome smart guys.
(Daisy kisses Barry)
Shelby: (excitedly) Cyd! (Grabs Cyd's arm) This is our first kiss. It is exactly how I imagined it happening.
Cyd: You do know you're not kissing anyone, right?
Shelby: Then why is my heart exploding?
Cyd: You are my favorite weirdo.
Barry: I'm really gonna miss you.
Daisy: I'm going to miss YOU. I'm going to miss all of you. But you must come visit. And when you do, bring all the snack cakes you can carry. I'm serious, everything here has mouse in it.
Shelby: As you wish, your majesty.
(Shelby bows)
Cyd: We'll see you soon Daisy. Come on. Let's go home. Hug it in.
(Cyd , Shelby, and Naldo hug. Barry lets go of Daisy's hand and walks towards the group hug)
Cyd: (exasperatedly) Barry! Don't be weird, hug Shelby.
(Cyd switches places with Shelby. Cyd, Shelby, Naldo and Barry time jump back to the present)
Shelby: Wow. That was crazy. Did you have any idea we were THAT inspiring?
Cyd: I kinda did. But, it's nice to hear someone that isn't us say it.
Naldo: I can't believe we can all time travel.
Barry: Yes, but how did it happen? Was it proximity to the rift? Residual laser radiation? I have to figure this out.
Cyd: I'm sure you will Barry! (whispers) He's never gonna figure this out.
(Shelby nods in agreement)
Naldo: Man there are so many places I wanna go. I wanna see gladiators and cowboys and knights-
Shelby: I think we've seen enough knights for a while.
Barry: Guys. Before we do anymore time jumping I should probably check with my girlfriend. (Shelby and Cyd give Barry annoyed looks)
Barry: I don't really have to check with her, I just like reminding everybody that I have a girlfriend.
Naldo: That's okay Barry. We're the only ones who would believe you anyway.
Cyd: Why do you think the time rift opened up for Daisy in the first place? Seems so random.
Shelby: I don't know. Maybe it's because we're the only one ones that could help her. Maybe, our power is bigger than us.
Cyd: Does that mean we have to start using it responsibly?
Shelby: Oh heck no! We just saved an entire kingdom, I think we deserve a little fun. Barry, where do you wanna go?
Barry: Ooh. I have always wanted to see Anton Leeuwenhoek's first use of the microscope.
Cyd: Yeah, we're not doing that. Naldo, where do YOU wanna go?
Naldo: Dinosaurs!
Shelby: Bring it in guys.
(Everyone prepares to time jump)
Cyd: Are you, sure you don't wanna change first?
Shelby: Oh it took me an hour to get into this thing. I don't know how long it's gonna take to get out.
(Everyone hugs and time jumps. Brett and Chet are looking through a window)
Bret: Chet! Did you see that?!
Chet: See what? Shelby, Cyd, Barry and Naldo hug each other and disappear leaving nothing but tachyons behind? No.

(Bret and Chet walk away)


  • This is a one-hour special or two-parter.
  • This is also the season two finale and series finale.
  • This is the lowest viewed episode of the entire channel.
  • When shown separately, there is an extra scene in part 2 when directly after Shelby is taken, a shaken Cyd suggests that she and Shelby use their powers to follow Sebastian, leading her to conclude that she relies too much on Shelby, whereupon the credits begin.  Also, the scene where Cyd wears the blonde wig was omitted.
  • This was the last episode to premiere in 2016.
  • The person who put Daisy in the tower is Daisy's Nanny, Lucinda. However, she did it to protect and hide Daisy from Sebastian.
  • Daisy has Sebastian thrown into the dungeon for treason.
  • Barry and Daisy become boyfriend and girlfriend in this episode.
  • Cyd and Naldo have also been hinted to express interest in each other.
  • In this episode, Naldo and Barry finally obtained the ability to time travel.
  • Bret and Chet were close to figuring out Cyd and Shelby were time travelers. However, the twins ignored the obvious clues to Cyd and Shelby time-traveling: the journal containing Barry's experiments on trying to re-create time travel that granted Cyd and Shelby their powers, the yearbook from the 70s that Cyd and Shelby appeared in, and the beaker labeled "Time Travel Hair Gel". And at the end of the episode, Bret and Chet witnessed Cyd, Shelby, Barry, and Naldo time jump, and simply ignored it.

 International Premieres

  • February 6, 2017 (Israel)
  • April 26, 2017 (Latin America, Brazil)


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