Rennie Montoya is a minor character who appeared in 1978 in Shake Your Booty. He is the father of Naldo Montoya


Rennie is Naldo's dad. Around 1978 he was in a band called The Stench, and attended West Portland High School. But, he had to not continue with the band becaus Naldo's mother wouldn't live with him if he did.


Rennie can be rough, and sometimes a bit of a bully. He seems to be nicer when with his band mates and friends. After their conflict between the Punks and Discos was resolved, Rennie's personality changes and he became a much nicer person, to both Punks and Discos alike.


Naldo Montoya (son)

Naldo is Rennie's son.

Cyd Ripley (friend)

In the alternate timeline, Rennie became friends with Cyd in 1978.


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