That's a weird thing to say.
—Ms. Nesbit

Ms. Nesbit or Officer Nesbit (in the alternate timeline) is a recurring character in Best Friends Whenever. She first appeared in A Time to Cheat as the girls and Barry's former History teacher.

Ms. Nesbit is portrayed by Jocelyn Ayanna.


Ms. Nesbit is usually grumpy with students who cheat.

Cyd and Shelby went back to when she decided to become a teacher and told her to be anything else instead, then being replaced by a teacher named Ms. Johnson, whom Nesbit arrests for unpaid parking tickets.


She is a very bad teacher who most likely doesn't like her students that much, like making them fail at a super hard test.


Shelby Marcus (friend/former student)

Shelby and Ms. Nesbit have a student-teacher relationship. When Ms. Nesbit confronts them about being the only ones who got an A+ on the test, Shelby gets nervous and accidentally spits a napkin on her face. She gets mad and almost expels them, but they go back to make sure that doesn't happen.

Cyd Ripley (friend/former student)

Cyd and Ms. Nesbit have a student-teacher relationship. Cyd takes an empty test away calling it a 'study guide' when really it's cheating. Cyd leaves her an anonymous tip that 'someone' took the test, causing her to make an even harder test.

Ms. Johnson (enemy)

In her alternate timeline cop occupation, Officer Nesbit arrested Ms. Johnson at the end of A Time To Cheat, causing the test to be canceled and saving Shelby and Cyd from failure.


This test is so hard, I don't even know the answers. Just kidding! I know the answers! But you won't!
—Ms. Nesbit to the class.
That's a weird thing to say.
—Throughout the episode


  • Ms. Nesbit is a horrible teacher but Cyd and Shelby go back and convince to be anything else, so she became an officer.
  • In 2013 a rift caused making Ms. Nesbit an officer and not a teacher, following the series continuity when Shelby and Cyd convinced her to become a cop this now happens along the timeline.


  1. A Time to Cheat
  2. A Time to Jump and Jam


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