Ms. Louise Johnson is a minor character in Best Friends Whenever. She replaces Ms. Nesbit as high school history teacher after Shelby & Cyd changed the past. She has no dialogue in the show.


Ms. Johnson is a fun and nice teacher, mentioned by Cyd & Shelby. Cyd & Shelby changed Ms. Nesbit's past to never become a teacher and changed the future. She is old and appears to be Hawaiian.

In the episode, Shelby & Cyd noticed she gives out easy tests, and is very nice. They wave to her and she waves back. Suddenly, she was put under arrest by Officer Nesbit for unpaid parking tickets.


Cyd: I can handle this test!
Shelby: Yeah Ms. Johnson is so much nicer! (waves)
Ms. Johnson: (waves back)
Ms. Nesbit: Ms. Louise Johnson, you are under arrest for unpaid parking tickets. Keep 'em where I can see 'em!
Cyd: Officer Nesbit, does this test still count?
Ms. Nesbit: That's a wierd thing to say.
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