Someone tried to slice deli meat on the copy machine.
So the first page of this test was on roast beef.
Mr. Doyle in When Shelby Met Cyd

Mr. Chip Doyle is a recurring character who works as a science and chemistry teacher at West Portland High School.

He is portrayed by Larry Joe Campbell.


He likes to gossip about students to other teachers. He paired Shelby with The Rob for lab partners and Cyd and Shy Tim. He told Marci about Barry's cinema studies club. He also teaches driver's ed class.


Mr. Doyle: Shelby you're paired up with Rob. He says he can dunk but I've never seen it.
Cyd: Everyone knows Dishy Doyle loves the hot goss.
Mr. Doyle: What are you guys talking about?



  • He is a science and driver's ed teacher.
  • He seems to have a bad relationship with his mother, as he said she kicked him out a few times and had to temporarily sleep at the school in Princess Problems.
  • He's not a very good science teacher, as he admits Barry is smarter than him.
  • His first name and parents' names were revealed in Princess Problems.
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