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===Guest cast===
===Guest cast===
*Justin Lopez as Griff
*Justin Lopez as Griff
*Garrett Westton as Paul Bartow
===Special Guest Stars===
===Special Guest Stars===

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~ This episode has not aired yet. Therefore, there may be spoilers. Read at your own risk. ~

Jump to the '50's is the fourteenth episode of Season 1 of Best Friends Whenever. It will premiere on March 20, 2016.


When Shelby’s adventurous Grandma Rita comes to visit, the girls learn time travelers were responsible for setting up Shelby’s grandparents and they jump to the 1950s to investigate.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Justin Lopez as Griff
  • Garrett Westton as Paul Bartow

Special Guest Stars

  • Marion Ross as Grandma Rita

Absent cast


  • This episode is the second to air in 2016.
  • This is the only episode to air in March.
  • Fifth episode where the gang goes back into a different decade.
  • Third episode outside their lifetimes,
  • The stars from the 1950s' based show Happy Days, Henry Winkler and Marion Ross appear in this episode.

International Premieres


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"Jump to the 50s" Sneak Peek - Best Friends Whenever

"Jump to the 50s" Sneak Peek - Best Friends Whenever

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