Your best friend ruined my life! (crying)
—Jen to Shelby in A Time to Jump and Jam.

Jen is a character in Best Friends Whenever.

She is portrayed by Eryn Nicole Pablico.


Jen is the cool girl of the school, in 2013 she throws a birthday party. Shelby didn't want Cyd to hang out with her because she believed Jen was a bad influence.


Jen is cool and tough on the outside, very similar to Cyd. But on the inside she's sensitive and emotionally cries when she's sad. She also hates getting into trouble. Despite running from the police by Escaping the police car.


Cyd Ripley (former friend)

In the alternate timeline, Jen and Cyd became good friends. The two girls have very similar personalities, in which they are tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. Cyd, however, got Jen into trouble with the cops. Resulting in her saying she should've judged her better right before she broke out of the police car when Shelby opened the door.


  • She has purple hair and temporary tattoos that has mistaken her for a bad girl.
  • She is highly sensitive.


She wears similar clothing to Cyd, along with a temporary tattoo on her knuckles that says "whatever".


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