Rita McCallister is a minor character and grandmother of Shelby Marcus in Best Friends Whenever. She is Astrid's mother.


Rita is Shelby's grandmother. Shelby and Cyd time travel to 1958 to play matchmaker for Rita and Shelby's grandfather.

Astrid describes Rita as a bold spirit. No one could tell her what to do. However, she wasn't always like this. Before 1958, she was very shy and dependent. She was in a group called the Pinkie Rinks, that hang out. She had her friends tell her everything to do, resulting in her not making a decision for three years. She thought she knew what her life was going to be, she would get married and have kids like all of her friends. But Shelby changed her when she visited.

When Shelby changed the past, Rita almost got married to Paul Bartow instead of Paul McCallister, resulting in a different version of Shelby with brown hair, brown eyes, and a different face.


  • She is the only other person besides Barry, Naldo and Marci who knows Cyd and Shelby are time travelers.
  • She met Shelby's grandfather while trekking through the Himalayas.
  • In high school she was part of a clique called "The Pinkie Rings."
  • She used to live in Shelby and Cyd's room.

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