Forever in Your Mind is a teen pop boy band. They sing the theme song of Best Friends Whenever, Whenever. Ricky Garcia and Emery Kelly also have roles in the show. It is unknown if Liam Attridge will have a role on the show but it is likely.



American pop band Forever in Your Mind formed in 2013 on the third season of The X Factor. Original members Ricardo "Ricky" René Garcia, Jr. and Jonathan "Jon" Daniel Klaasen auditioned for the singing contest as parts of a group, CO-ED, while Emery Thomas Kelly entered into solo competition. Judge Simon Cowell merged the three boys as a trio and dubbed them Forever in Your Mind. Although they did not proceed to the live shows, they continued as a group, releasing first single "She Lights the World" and a Christmas song "This Feels Just Like Christmas." In June 2014, Klaasen parted ways with FIYM to pursue a solo career. Kelly's cousin Liam Thomas Attridge was initially recruited as a temporary replacement for a planned DigiFest concert, but ended up rounding out the trio as a permanent member. Although their debut album had already been finished with Klaasen, they decided to re-record the material with Attridge. After the release of another holiday tune, FIYM released "Sweet Little Something," which was a hit on Radio Disney. This resulted in a partnership with Disney, with FIYM recording "Whenever," the theme to the Disney Channel's Best Friends Whenever, which also starred Garcia and Kelly. In 2016, Forever in Your Mind released the single "Hurricane," which was included on their debut EP released in July 2016.


Singles Featured on the Show


  • After Jon was replaced by Liam Attridge in the trio, the group released a single called "She Lights the World."
  • As of March 2015, the boys released another single called "Sweet Little Something". A single called "Hurricane" followed in April 2016, in addition to them singing a Disney Classics Medley on the Your Favorite Songs from 100 Disney Channel Original Movies album in May of that same year.
  • They are set to film a pilot for Disney Channel entitled Forever Boys  centering on a boy band that are secretly vampires.


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