Epic Girl's Day is the third episode in season 2 of Best Friends Whenever, and the twenty-first overall. It aired on July 27, 2016 to 1.24 million viewers.


Since it looks like their time-traveling princess may be here longer than expected, the girls decide to take Daisy on an official Shelby and Cyd “Epic Girls’ Day” at the mall.


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Memorable Quotes

"Everything is possible. I mean chickens, right?"


"I time-travelled my best friend out of existence!"



  • This episode marks the first appearance of the West Portland Promenade.
  • Naldo uses his cousin's kiosk to sell his US state pun novelty T-shirts.
  • Cyd and Shelby telling Daisy about when they made the mannequins touch each-other butts, and doing it again, is a referring to A Time to Cheat.
  • Daisy's line of "But your eyes are saying, 'I'm marrying a man I don't love,'" foreshadows her betrothal to Sebastian which Cyd and Shelby will address in It's Not Ye, It's Me.
  • The interior of Urban Bro will be seen again in Working Nine to Fudge.
  • We learn if Shelby and Cyd think of different times when they travel they will both go to an alternate universe where they exist without each other.
  • It's possible that while Cyd and Shelby were in different universes, the events that transpired for Barry, Naldo, Bret, and Chet in one universe still occurred in the other simultaneously.
  • Daisys Captor

    Daisy's Jailer?

    Cyd and Shelby see Daisy's jailer in 1522, who is shrouded by a hood.  
  • Daisy states that people threw tomatoes in the Town Square to people who stated the Earth is round. This is a reference to the Flat Earth Myth, a common misconception that people during the Middle Ages and Renaissance saw the Earth as flat.

International Premieres

  • November 27, 2016 (Hungary)
  • December 5, 2016 (Israel)
  • December 21, 2016 (Latin America, Brazil)


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