Diesel is Cyd Ripley's pet dog who was given to her by Shelby Marcus. He lives in Shelby & Cyd's Bedroom and previously lived in the streets. This presumably means he was a stray who was either found in an animal shelter for lost dogs or Shelby brought him home after finding him in the street, most likely scavenging in the dumpster behind his favourite restaurant.


Diesel's first appearance is seen with brown hair and a dog collar around his neck. He is seen eating a pillow and barking in a dresser.


Diesel chews and ruins a lot of things.
He is particularly known to destroy stuffed plushy toys, most likely because he views them as a threat to his terroritorial domination.
One year, he ended up accidentally wearing the clothing of one plushy he was attacking.

For a small dog, he's quite aggressive, that even a larger dog will retreat to avoid fighting Diesel.

He is Cyd's pet and Cyd loves him very much.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He sleeps in Cyd's dresser.
  • He was Shelby's Christmas gift to Cyd.
  • He makes several cameos throughout the opening title:
    • He is seen sitting in the bedroom at the beginning.
    • He runs away from Shelby and Cyd when they’re running through the clock numbers.
    • He runs across the top of the screen when Naldo is shown.
    • He is seen sitting on a kitchen stool when Bret and Chet are shown.
    • He pops out of a cuckoo clock.
    • He runs across one of the clock hands at the very end.
  • Diesel's actor's name is Molto Bene, who is a Chinese Crested dog.
  • He, along with Barry, Naldo, and Marci, are the only ones that know Cyd and Shelby are time travelers, though it's unlikely that he understands since he's a dog.


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