Diesel is Cyd Ripley's pet dog who was given to her by Shelby Marcus. He lives in Shelby & Cyd's Bedroom and previously lived in the streets.


Diesel's first appearance is seen with brown hair and a dog collar around his neck. He is seen eating a pillow and barking in a dresser.


Diesel chews and ruins a lot of things. He is Cyd's pet and Cyd loves him very much.


Season 1

Season 2


  • He sleeps in Cyd's dresser.
  • He was Shelby's Christmas gift to Cyd.
  • He makes several cameos throughout the opening title:
    • He is seen sitting in the bedroom at the beginning.
    • He runs away from Shelby and Cyd when they’re running through the clock numbers.
    • He runs across the top of the screen when Naldo is shown.
    • He is seen sitting on a kitchen stool when Bret and Chet are shown.
    • He pops out of a cuckoo clock.
    • He runs across one of the clock hands at the very end.
  • Diesel's actor's name is Molto Bene, who is a Chinese Crested dog.
  • He, along with Barry, Naldo, and Marci, are the only ones that know Cyd and Shelby are time travelers, though it's unlikely that he understands since he's a dog.


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