Dennis "Disco Dennis" Eisenberg is a minor character who appeared in 1978 in Shake Your Booty. He is the father of Barry Eisenberg. In 1978, he was a popular disco dancer and was nicknamed Disco Dennis. He has curly hair, and wears disco era clothing.


Dennis is charming and smooth, which may be one of the reasons many girls are attracted to him. He can sometimes be a bit of a flirt.


Barry Eisenberg (son)

Barry is Dennis' son.

Brittany Eisenberg (daughter)

Brittany is Dennis' daughter.

Shelby Marcus (former crush/friend)

Shelby is Dennis' former crush. He became friends with her in the alternate timeline, and developed a crush on her (which he obviously got over, considering the fact that he is now married).


Dennis: Who's Barry? I'm Disco Dennis! Barry's a pretty out of sight name though. Maybe I'll name my son that one day.

Shelby: Dang it, I think I just named Barry!


  • He had a crush on Shelby Marcus in the alternate timeline, but later married Barry's mom.
  • He is the second father of a main character on Disney to be named Dennis. The first is Dez's father from Austin and Ally.



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