Dance huh? Solid ask! I'm in!
—Cameron, A Time to Travel

Cameron is a character in Best Friends Whenever. Cameron is a sporty athlete. Shelby had a massive crush on him. He cares about the environment but isn't annoying about it. He made his first appearance in A Time to Travel.

Cameron is portrayed by Emery Kelly.


Shelby Marcus

One-sided crush (on her side)

Shelby has a crush on Cameron as seen from A Time to Travel, but is having trouble asking him to the dance.


One date

Marci and Cameron went to the dance together, which Shelby was supposed to go with Cameron. The writers hinted that their relationship will grow over the season.


The dance, huh? Solid ask. I'm in.


  • Cameron is shown to be very amazed by the "solid ask" that Barry and Shelby caused so that Shelby could ask Cameron to the dance. It ends up allowing Cyd and later Marci to take Shelby's place.
  • He somewhat cares about the environment.
  • He was said to be a recurring character for the rest of season 1, but he has only appeared in A Time To Travel.
  • He went to the dance with Marci.
  • Although it's been hinted that he may return, he's never been seen or mentioned after the first episode.


  1. A Time to Travel


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