I'm Bret. You can tell because I have more freckles.

Bret Marcus is a main character in Best Friends Whenever. He is the twin brother and best friend of Chet Marcus and the brother of Shelby Marcus. He currently has a crush on Cyd Ripley.

Bret is portrayed by Benjamin Royer


Bret (and his twin brother, Chet) cause plenty of trouble for their older sister Shelby by constantly annoying her- especially with their infatuation with her best friend, Cyd.


Bret is a very dimwitted, mischievous and always a troublemaker. He is an extremely annoying brother but Shelby and Cyd will have to deal with it. Like his brother, he is very dimwitted when it comes to doing stuff, like playing around with random objects or electronics, as they barely know what they are doing. They even do their own way of Trick or Treating as they call it Trick and Treating.


Shelby Marcus (Sister)

Shelby is Bret's sister. He causes problems for her and her best friend Cyd.

Chet Marcus (Twin Brother/Best Friend)

Chet is Bret's twin brother and best friend. They fight about Cyd and their opinions a lot.

Cyd Ripley (Crush/Friend)

Bret has a crush on Cyd. In A Time to Say Thank You, he and Chet tried to make a cake for Cyd.

Barry Eisenberg (Friend)

Bret and Barry are friends. He helped Barry make a rocket with their brains.

Naldo Montoya (Friend)

Bret and Naldo are friends.


Season 1

Appearances: 11/18


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  • The best way to tell Bret from Chet is that generally Bret wears something blue.
  • Bret has a massive crush on Cyd and so does his twin brother, Chet.
  • Bret and Chet always fight.
  • He and Chet thought Shelby and Cyd were real teenage detectives.
  • He and his brother Chet have the same name as the twins Bret and Chet from the 2012 movie 'The Lorax'.


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