Season 1

A Time to Travel

I would not mix those.

Smell this...

Yup. All set.

Did you get hit by that machine back in the lab?

It was up to 400!

Okay, let's serve the hungry mice.


A Time to Cheat

You're time travelers!

A Time to Say Thank You

Why does this cake taste awful?

Well then I'll eat it.

A Time to Jump and Jam

I'm just doing some quick calculations.

No idea.

A Time to Rob and Slam

Well, there's clearly only one way to settle this.

No, and I regret teaching you that word.

We will watch the movie with Marci and let her judge whether it's good or bad.

The Butterscotch Effect

Cyd, Shelby, I'm happy to do this experiment for you to see if a turtle can chew bubblegum, but as I explained to you before, the turtle you saw do it in that commercial is a cartoon.

You jumped back 30 minutes and ordered a pizza?

Shake Your Booty (episode)

Choice in music aside, this is uncharted territory.

Up until now, you've only traveled within your lifetime.

Going to the 1970s would mean going to a time when you didn't exist.

Jump to the Future Lab

So, what's this important thing you need to talk to me about?

Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape

Yes, yes I did it!

I teleported the kiwi!

When Shelby Met Cyd

Well, this is the only time the girls have traveled back to when they were so small.

Cyd and Shelby Strike Back

Then perhaps everyone likes me!

Nonsense, in fact I came in here to report that the experiment has proceeded a pace and there has been no evidence of Marci's interest.

People smile all the time Ronaldo, and nobody knows why.

Is that possible?

Sweet chucks, maybe I do.

But now what, what am I supposed to say to Marci about this?

Your hand is glued to my hoodie and shirt, isn't it?

It's really my fault for asking.

Your hand is glued to my tux, shirt and jacket now isn't it?

Ronaldo, would you turn that music off?

It's killing the moment.

It's so soft.

Marci, there's something I need to tell you.

The Girls of Christmas Past

Shelby, I think the tree has reached critical mass or critical chrismass if I may?

No? I may not? Okay.

A Time to Double Date

It's not that I don't want to come, it's just, I'm very shy, I get uncomfortable at parties, especially ones watching a sport I dislike with people I can't stand eating food I hate.

I'm very shy.

Jump to the '50's

Man, this thing is heavy.

What's in this thing anyway?

Diesel Gets Lost in Time

Lunar eclipse starts in 10 minutes, what do you want to talk about?

That would be awful, things have been so awkward since Cyd and Shelby told us we like each other.

You invited Marci to watch the lunar eclipse with us didn't you?

I didn't think it would get awkward this fast.

So, what do we do now?

Well, not everything.

You're the coolest girl ever.

Fight the Future - Part 1

Marci, what are you doing here?

I mean, I'm glad you came back, please don't leave.

Well, I'm glad I made you happy, I just wanna make you happy.

You are happy aren't you?

Unless there's something your unhappy about, was it something I said?

I can make things better, I promise I'll change.

Fight the Future - Part 2

Mr. Marcus, I'm a scientist, this is how I cook food.

Fight the Future - Part 3

Ronaldo, we're being held prisoner, there's no room service.

Season 2

Princess Problems

I lost my lab!
I'm going to have my moment, even if it kills us!
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