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Barry & Cyd is the romantic/friendship relationship between Barry and Cyd in Best Friends Whenever.

To see the cast pairing, see Gus & Landry.

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Ship Names

  • Carry (B/arry, C/yd)
  • Byd (B/arry, C/yd)
  • Cydarry (Cyd, B/arry)
  • Baryd (Bar/ry, C/yd)
  • Cardy (B/ar/r/y, C/y/d)


Season 1

Theme Song

  • Cyd and Barry as shown in the theme song were at one point holding hands.

A Time to Travel

  • Cyd isn't excited about going to Barry's lab only because she hasn't eaten yet.
  • After Shelby knocked on the door and Barry opened it, he asks Cyd (and Shelby) to smell something in a petri dish.
  • Cyd smells it and replies, "Nasty!" to which Barry responds, "Yes it is," and then proceeds to ask her (and Shelby) to smell it again.
  • Cyd once again smells it and doesn't like it.
  • Barry is using Cyd as a guinea pig in his experiment.
  • For a third time, he asks them to smell the petri dish and Cyd is the only one who leans in to smell it.
  • She asks, "Why did I do that?" and Barry replies by saying, "That's what I'm trying to figure out."
  • Cyd follows Barry (and Shelby) into his lab.
  • Cyd starts messing with something in his lab while he is talking to Shelby.
  • They both look back at Naldo when he says that he thinks that the laser is working.
  • After he leaves the RV, Cyd assumes that he has to have some food somewhere and looks around.
  • Barry is looking for Cyd (and possibly Shelby) at school.
  • Barry goes straight to Cyd in the school instead of finding Shelby or waiting to talk to both of them.
  • At school, they had a short conversation with each other.
  • Barry accuses Cyd of destroying his laser.
  • Cyd knew that Barry would know that it was her and Shelby who destroyed it while Shelby wanted to leave him a note. This proves that Cyd knows Barry well and that Barry was right about it being them.
  • Barry is very concerned that the laser did something to her.
  • When Barry says that the laser could have made her invisible, she licks her finger and tries to put it in his ear, to which Barry says, "You're not invisible."
  • After Cyd and Shelby time-traveled back to the morning, Cyd remembered what Barry told her.
  • Cyd and Barry were in the RV with Shelby and Naldo.
  • Barry helped Cyd get over Shelby and her problems.
  • After Cyd and Shelby fight, Cyd storms off to Barry's lab.
  • Cyd goes to him for advice and talks about her problems.
  • She says that Barry is no help and asks if he can see how upset she is.
  • Barry admits to her that he is bad at interpreting expressions.
  • After he admits to not knowing how she feels, he grabs cards to try and determine what emotion she is feeling.
  • Barry tries to comfort her and tells her to move on.
  • When Naldo mixes two different liquids that will cause an explosion, Barry rushed it out possibly to save Cyd from the explosion.
  • Cyd looks worried, possibly for Barry, when she hears the explosion.
  • Cyd thanked Barry for helping her.

A Time To Cheat

  • Barry asked Cyd about time travel.
  • Cyd smiled to Barry after giving him the answer of time travel.
  • Barry and Cyd are in Shelby’s house with Shelby and Naldo.
  • Cyd is looking up at Barry while he is talking to her (and Shelby) about them not being time travelers.
  • Cyd interrupts him while he was talking and he doesn’t seem to mind.
  • When Barry starts walking behind the couch, Cyd is watching him.
  • When he starts saying statistics, Cyd wants to prove to him that she can time travel.
  • When Cyd travels back and appears, she is instantly standing next to and looking at Barry.
  • Barry is looking at Cyd while he is explaining that she can’t be a time traveler.
  • Cyd starts saying exactly what Barry is saying at the same time (and so is Shelby).
  • After they prove to him that they are time travelers, he says it excitingly while looking at Cyd.
  • Cyd then admitted that she had to write it on her hand and showed it to Barry.
  • He then grabbed her arm to examine her hand.
  • Cyd is smiling at Barry while he is looking at her hand.
  • When Naldo says, “Welcome to our time,” they both look back at him.
  • Cyd gives Naldo a weird look and turns back to Barry.
  • When Barry starts walking around, Cyd follows him.
  • When Barry starts to talks to himself/everyone and burns Albert Einstein, he starts walking in Cyd’s direction and explains his burn.
  • Cyd is looking at Barry when he explains his burn.
  • Barry tells Cyd (and Shelby) that they need to be careful and not let anyone else find out their power possibly because he worries that someone will experiment on Cyd.
  • After Shelby mentions the future lab, Barry asks what that was and Cyd was the one who answered his question.
  • While answering Barry’s question, they were both looking at each other.
    Why are you screaming
  • After they travel to the future lab and back, Barry asks, “Why are you (Cyd (and Shelby)) screaming?” possibly worried about Cyd.
  • Cyd is the one who answers Barry’s question and is looking at him.
  • Barry is also looking at her.
  • They both are looking at Bret and Chet when they walk in.
  • Cyd is sitting in the same row as Barry in their history class.
  • Cyd looks shocked when she sees Barry’s hair.
  • Barry said that he told Cyd (and Shelby) what happened to his hair before class started meaning they were with each other before class.
  • Cyd stares at Barry when he is talking about telling them that he told them what happened.
  • Cyd told Barry that they time traveled to that point in time and Barry looks back at her (and Shelby).
    You have to travel back and stop this from ever happening
  • When Barry says that they can go back in time and stop what happened to him, Cyd says that she’s sorry because Shelby and she made a deal never to time travel to stop a hilarious thing from happening to him.
  • Barry looks annoyed at Cyd when she says that.
  • Barry mentions Cyd while talking to Naldo in the RV.
  • Barry again mentions Cyd except this time he called her a “bubbling … isotope.”
  • When it’s test time, Barry, again, asks for Cyd (and Shelby) to travel back in time and stop from his hair ending up the way it did.
  • Cyd starts messing with Barry by saying that they might have already tried to fix his hair to which he asks if they have and Cyd responds, “Who's to say?” and smiles at him.
  • Both Cyd and Barry respond negatively to the sight of Shelby’s rash.
  • Barry, for a third time, asks Cyd (and Shelby) to go back and fix his ascendant but Cyd (and Shelby) gave him a bag with a face to cover it up.
  • He says that the bag isn’t helping but Cyd jokes and says that it’s working for her.

A Time to Say Thank You

  • Barry walks into Shelby’s house and surprises Cyd (and Shelby) and just stares at her.
  • Cyd seemed more annoyed at Barry than Shelby when he walked into Shelby's house.
  • Cyd gets mad at him and says that he can’t just walk into someone’s house like he did.
  • After Cyd yelling at him, he still stares at her and says that he isn’t good at reading social cues but he scenes a dinner invitation.
  • Barry asks Cyd (and Shelby) to make mindless small talk.
  • Barry walks over to Cyd (and Shelby) and says that he sees no point in saying thank you because if the person is helping, it means that they just want to.
  • Cyd then responds, “You still have to thank people.”
  • When Barry walks over to her, Cyd starts to stare at him.
  • Cyd then asks, “So you never say thank you?” to which Barry responds with, “No.”
  • Barry walks over from where he was sitting towards Cyd (and Shelby) while eating some of Cyd’s anniversary cake.
  • While he is eating the cake, Cyd is watching him.
  • Barry mentions Cyd (and Shelby) and says her name first over Shelby’s.
  • Cyd and Barry get their own scene together.
  • Cyd walks over to Barry’s lab and she sneaks in without him noticing.
  • Cyd walked up to Barry and teased him about his experiments.
  • She looks over his shoulder and listens to what he is saying to the rat.
  • Cyd watches Barry conducting his experiment.
  • Barry didn't seem surprised that Cyd was behind him
  • She says that she wishes that this was the weirdest thing that she walked in on in the RV. This implies that she has walked in on him doing weirder experiments in the lab.
  • When Cyd is talking about her walking in on him, she is looking straight at him.
  • Barry isn’t surprised by Cyd and just looks at her when she is talking.
  • Cyd goes to Barry for advice.
  • She starts telling him her thank you plan for Shelby’s parents.
  • When she says that she wants to keep it simple, Barry agrees because that is what he did for Naldo.
  • As soon as she heard him say that he did a simple thank you for Naldo, she says that it must be wrong because he did it.
  • She insults him by saying, “You have the emotional IQ of soft toast,” and Barry corrects her by saying, “Bread.”
  • When Cyd brings up giving Shelby’s family a big gesture, Barry asks if he now has to do a big gesture for Naldo.
  • Barry tells Cyd an embarrassing story about him being hung on the flag pole with someone else's underwear, and Cyd doesn't make fun of him or anything like that.
  • When she asks him to wear the sweet spot is from soft toast and burning down the house and he responds with, “Actual toast,” Cyd gets mad at him and says that he doesn’t understand anything.
  • Barry agrees with her by saying that the whole human race is a mystery to him.
  • He then grabs her arm and drags her to see his rat and tells her his new expression, “Happy as a rat.”
  • She then responds by saying that that isn’t a real expression and looks back at him from the rat.
  • Even though Cyd knew that Barry was bad at giving advice when it related to relationships, she still went to him for advice
  • Barry didn't seem to mind when Cyd yelled at him and said he didn't understand anything.
  • Barry copies Cyd and gets Naldo a plant as a gesture.
  • Shelby said "We need to show Cyd how much we care," after Cyd walked out, even though Barry wasn't involved.
  • Barry asks Naldo why Cyd (and Shelby) are having so much trouble with things and he says Cyd’s name first again.

A Time to Jump and Jam

  • Cyd runs over to Barry to ask if her (and Shelby) lost the power to time travel.
  • Cyd is the one to ask Barry if they lost the power to time travel.
  • When Cyd is asking her question, they are both looking at each other.
  • Barry asks Cyd to hold on while he does some calculations.
  • Cyd watches Barry do his calculations.
  • Cyd thought that Barry was doing the calculations to determine whether they lost their power or not.
  • Barry finishes his calculations and looks up at Cyd causing her to ask if they lost their power again.
  • Barry says that he has no idea and admits that he wasn’t calculating if they lost their powers.
  • When he is explaining what his calculations are for, Barry keeps looking up at Cyd.
  • When Cyd sits down, she scoots her chair a bit closer to Barry.
  • When Cyd tells everyone not to talk for ten seconds, Barry does what she said and looks at his watch to count the seconds.
  • Cyd asks Barry if it was possible for Shelby to jam their jump and Barry again goes to calculating something that isn’t relevant at all.
  • When Barry is explaining his other calculation, he again constantly keeps looking at Cyd.
  • Young Barry calls Cyd tough on the outside but sweet and caring on the inside. This proves that Barry things nicely of Cyd.
  • In the past, Barry told Shelby about the growth spurt and how Shelby and Cyd can reconcile their friendship.
  • Barry described Cyd as a girl who's "tough on the surface, but sweet and caring once you get to know her."

A Time to Rob and Slam

  • Barry & Cyd don't talk to each other at all during this episode.
  • Cyd walks into Barry’s Space Cantina.
  • Barry watches Cyd punch The Rob in the gut, then acts like nothing happened.
  • Cyd and Barry (even though not in any scenes together) disagree about Space Dynamo. She likes the movie while he thinks it’s terrible.
  • Cyd possibly wants to just watch Crabnormal Behavior because Barry is an associative producer of it.

The Butterscotch Effect

  • Barry and Cyd are sitting across from each other.
  • Barry does an experiment for Cyd.
  • Barry says that he is happy to do the experiment for Cyd but says that the turtle she saw blow a bubble from gum was a cartoon.
  • Cyd is looking at Barry while he says that.
  • Cyd is excited that Kyle (the turtle) did blow a bubble but Barry explains that he didn’t because it came out of the wrong end.
  • Barry was looking at Cyd when he explained that it came out the wrong end.
  • When Cyd came back from time traveling, Barry asked if they went back 30 minutes and ordered a pizza.
  • Cyd corrected him and said 45 minutes because Ray’s (the pizza man) car keeps breaking down.
  • While she corrects him, they are both looking at each other.
  • Barry doesn’t seem to care that Cyd corrected him.
  • Barry says that they shouldn’t time travel for things that aren’t necessary.
  • Barry asks if Cyd (and Shelby) know what the Butterfly Effect is and Cyd says that she knows what it is and looks at him while saying it.
  • When Barry is explaining what the Butterfly Effect is to Shelby, Barry walks in front of Cyd and she watches him.
  • Also while he is explaining it, Cyd is looking at Barry and Barry turns to look at her.
  • Barry watches Cyd time travel and come back with boots and seasonal beverages.
  • When Cyd (and Shelby) pop back to the present, Cyd is facing Barry’s direction and flaunting her new boots.
  • Barry is in disbelieve that Cyd would time travel when he told her not to for useless stuff.
  • When Cyd says that the eggnog in her hand isn’t a seasonal beverage, Barry says that her eggnog mustache says otherwise.
  • They are both looking at each other in the little talk in the above bullet.
  • Cyd (even though she is off-screen) is looking at Barry when he explains the news that his scientific hero died.
  • When Barry is talking about the way he wants to go and says he’ll be in love with a foxy news lady, he could possibly be thinking about Cyd even though nothing in that statement points to her.
  • Barry starts walking in the direction that Cyd is in.
  • He passes her and while he is walking, Cyd is watching him.
  • When Barry expresses his sadness about not meeting Dr. Fleming, Cyd looks like she feels bad for him.
  • When Naldo steps on Barry’s foot, Cyd looked shocked and surprised for Barry’s pain.
  • Cyd watched Barry (and Naldo) leave the RV to go get some ice for Barry’s toe.
  • Cyd wants to travel back in time to help Barry meet Dr. Fleming.
  • She says that this is something worth using their powers of time travel for meaning that it is worth it to make Barry happy.
  • She also says that she wants to do something nice for Barry because he is always doing nice things for her.
  • Cyd watches young Barry try to make friends and try to get into the lecture hall.
  • Cyd tries to help Barry get into the lecture hall.
  • Cyd buys pizza for the high schooler to get Barry to meet his favorite scientist.
  • Young Barry goes up to Cyd and greets her but she says that they don’t have time for this and pushes him into the lecture hall.
  • When they succeed, Cyd says that she can’t wait to see how happy Barry is in the future.
  • Cyd has a sorta scared, surprised face when she sees future Barry as a rock star.
  • Rock Star Barry calls Cyd (and Shelby) his band’s fans.
  • Cyd walks over to Barry and asks what they are doing.
  • Rock Star Barry answers her question and they both are looking at each other.
  • Throughout the time that Ray is explaining why he is in the band, Rock Star Barry is looking at Cyd.
  • Cyd tells Shelby that maybe Barry’s band will be the best in the world.
  • Cyd watches the band in horror while they are practicing.
  • When Ray says the title of their next song, “Why’d You Girls Bring That Up, He Was In A Pretty Good Mood Before,” Cyd doesn’t look happy about making Rock Star Barry feel bad.
  • Cyd doesn’t like the idea that Barry is dropping out of school and calls a huddle with Shelby.
  • Cyd says to Barry (and the other members of Heart Rocket) that they are about to not exist to which Barry goes “Aww” and says, “Wait, what?!”
  • After she went back to stop Young Barry from meeting and travel back to the future, she goes straight to Barry’s lab to make sure everything is back to normal.
  • When the new future Barry walks out from the back and see Cyd (and Shelby), he is surprised and tries to decide what he’ll do.
  • While he is deciding what to do, Evil Barry is looking at Cyd and Cyd is looking at him.
  • Cyd is not a fan of Evil Barry’s fake accent and looks back at him.
  • Barry describes the accent to Cyd and is looking at her again.
  • Cyd looks depressed that Barry isn’t the way he used to be.
  • When Cyd says that since they Butterfly Effected, she assumes that Evil Barry doesn’t know who they are but he says he does and calls Cyd “Neighbor Girl’s Best Friend.”
  • While Barry is saying that, he starts walking in Cyd’s direction and Cyd is looking at him.
  • Then Evil Barry says that he at least thinks she is because he wears the wrong prescription glasses and he is looking at her closely while saying that.
  • When Barry interrupts Cyd and Shelby’s talk and says something completely weird, both Barry and Cyd are looking at each other.
  • Cyd watches Evil Barry at the school when he is explaining that he is about to exact his revenge on the Science Club.
  • Cyd wants to go back again to help make sure Young Barry and Young Naldo become friends to stop Barry becoming Evil Barry.
    Cyd and Shelby watching Young Barry
  • Cyd watches Barry fail to get into the lecture hall again.
  • Cyd watches Young Barry and Young Naldo become friends.
  • Cyd jumps back to the present to where Barry is explaining the Butterfly Effect.
  • Cyd is looking at Barry while he explains it and walks around.
  • Cyd interrupts Barry’s explanation and he doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Barry is mad at Cyd (and Shelby) for Butterfly Effecting.
  • Cyd is looking at Barry when he said that Naldo’s third nipple talk calmed him down.
  • Cyd described what was sweet about Barry, while Shelby described what was sweet about Naldo.
  • Cyd watches Barry’s interaction with Naldo.

Shake Your Booty (episode)

  • Cyd goes over to Barry’s backyard to go complain to him about their essay topic.
  • When Cyd says, “Guess what Mr. Canavan is forcing us to do?” she is looking at Barry.
  • Cyd smiles and looks at Barry after her little conversation with Shelby.
  • Barry agrees with Cyd that she shouldn’t have to write an essay about disco.
  • When Barry is explaining how he agrees with her, he keeps looking up at Cyd.
  • Cyd watches Barry relaxing in the hot tub.
  • Both of them watch as Naldo continuously drops all his electronics into the hot tub.
  • Barry watches Cyd as she thrashes around to Naldo’s dad’s song.
  • Barry questions Cyd about going back to the ’70s to hear a band called The Stench.
  • While Barry is saying that, he walks over to Cyd and they both are looking at each other.
  • Barry is concerned about Cyd traveling back to the ’70s.
  • When Barry is talking to Naldo about Cyd (and Shelby) not going back to the ’70s, Barry assumes that Cyd did use their powers.
  • Barry turns back around and looks at Cyd while she (and Shelby) decide to travel back to the ’70s.
  • Barry seems to only be experimenting on the tachyons that Cyd left behind.
  • Barry is surprised to see a picture of Cyd in Naldo’s dad’s old yearbook.
  • Barry said that he feared that Cyd (and Shelby) were becoming part of the ’70s.
  • Barry is concerned that Cyd might get stuck in the ’70s and never come back.
  • Barry is concerned even more when he sees a picture of Cyd not with Shelby and sees her tachyons moving away from Shelby’s.
  • When Cyd’s (and Shelby’s) tachyons start fading, Barry comes up with a plan to jump back to the ’70s, by a wormhole, to save Cyd and bring her back to the present.
  • Barry tries to capture some of Cyd’s tachyons but is too late.
  • Barry is afraid that Cyd (and Shelby) are lost in time.
  • Barry is excited to see that Cyd is back.
  • Cyd is surprised to hear Barry say, “And I’m so glad your not my mother!” and questions what happened when she was gone.
  • Barry thanks Cyd (and Shelby) for traveling out of their timeline because now he has tachyons to study on.
  • When he is thanking Cyd (and Shelby), Barry is looking at Cyd.
  • Cyd smiles at him and pretends to be happy for him even though she has no idea what tachyons are.
  • When Shelby asks Cyd if they should ask what tachyons are, Cyd says no because she doesn’t want him to explain it to them.
  • Cyd danced with Disco Denny, Barry's dad

Jump to the Future Lab

  • Cyd (and Shelby) rushes over to Barry’s lab to tell him about the future lab.
  • Cyd (and Shelby) yell Barry while running into his lab.
  • Cyd watches as Barry determines which glass of liquid is his water and which is a highly corrosive acid.
  • Cyd somewhat looked intrigued when Barry put his spoon in the acid and it broke.
  • When Barry made a noise after drinking his water, Cyd yells Barry because she was worried he drank the acid.
  • Barry asks Cyd (and Shelby), “What’s up?” because of them randomly running into his looking for him.
  • Cyd (and Shelby) watch and follow Barry around his lab when he is checking on some of his experiments.
  • Cyd (along with Shelby) are telling Barry about their recent trip to the future lab.
  • Cyd tells him about the logo on the future scientist’s suite.
  • When the girls are describing the logo, Barry walks around Cyd to grab a water bottle and drank out of it.
  • When Barry drank out of the water bottle, Cyd looked back at him.
  • Cyd says that she bets that Barry knows what the sciency things are going around the planet and letter on the logo.
  • After she says that, she turns around to face Barry again.
  • When Cyd (and Shelby) notice the logo all over Barry’s lab, Cyd is scared and wants to get out of there but not let him know that they know because he might be part of the future lab.
  • After Barry is done checking his science experiments, he gives Cyd (and Shelby) his undivided attention but they run away.
  • When Barry gives them his attention, he is looking at Cyd (and Shelby) and Cyd is looking at him.
  • After Cyd (and Shelby) decide to use the bad cop, clumsy cop routine on Barry, they go over to his lab.
  • While Barry is asking the girls what they wanted to talk to him about, he is looking at Cyd (and Shelby) and Cyd is looking at him.
  • Cyd calls Barry a filthy scrunge.
  • Barry and Cyd watch Shelby as she falls down.
  • Cyd asks Barry what the logo is supposed to mean and gets interrupted by Naldo and then asks why it is on everything in his lab in a scared, yelling voice.
  • Barry is looking at Cyd when she is asking her questions and she is looking at him as well.
  • When Barry takes the water bottle away from Cyd and starts explaining it and walking around, Cyd watches and listens to him.
  • When Barry talks about his card collection from Globo-Digitoyn, Cyd is watching him and smiles at him.
  • Cyd listens and watches Barry as he gives his sales pitch to them and is smiling at him again.
  • Cyd walks up to him saying that they have an important problem and asks him what it means if the logo is all over the future lab.
  • Barry picks up that Cyd (and Shelby) are worried about the future lab and tells them to ask Shelby’s father since he works there.
  • Barry is the one that notices Cyd (and Shelby) during the live broadcast.
  • Barry wants to go warn Cyd (and Shelby) about the robots about to be tested in the same hallway that they’re in, possibly because he is worried about Cyd.
  • Barry goes to Globo-Digitoyn to warn Cyd (and Shelby) since they aren’t answering their phones.
  • Barry gets offended when Naldo accuses him of going there only to pitch his app instead of going there for Cyd (and Shelby) who he called his friend.
  • Barry gets annoyed with Naldo when he is sitting down pretending to be a teenage scientist instead of looking for Cyd (and Shelby).
  • Cyd (and Shelby) notice Barry (and Naldo) on the stage and vice verse.
  • Barry is happy to see Cyd (and Shelby) and tells them to beware the robots.
  • Barry watched as Cyd (and Shelby) got chased by the robots.
  • Barry and Cyd watch Shelby fall over the mail cart.
  • Barry watches as Cyd walks past him over to Norm and Shelby.

Cyd & Shelby's Haunted Escape

  • Cyd rejoices when Barry announces new discovery
  • Barry Shelby knows that Cyd and re-enter his laboratory
  • Barry Cares for Girls
  • Cyd makes him a key to fighting Barry hurting but she smiles fondly

When Shelby Met Cyd

  • Barry sits next to Cyd in the school hallway
  • Barry Cyd asks the help they age backwards
  • Barry tries desperately to get milk for Cyd and Shelby
  • After the group hug, Barry cares about that Cyd remains small
  • Barry along with the group starts looking desperately for Cyd
  • When Cyd returns to normal thank you for saving Barry
  • Stressed by Barry crazy day he falls asleep and dreams Girls with past and future

Cyd and Shelby Strike Back

  • Cyd and Shelby will ask for help from Barry.
  • Barry ignores Cyd's comment about fudge-sketti and meatballs.
  • Cyd takes Janet Smythe's biography from Barry.
  • Barry and Cyd have a conversation science and Cyd seems to understand what bothers talking to Barry and ends Shelby.

The Girls of Christmas Past

  • Cyd that Barry and Shelby Naldo help with Christmas tree
  • Cyd know that Barry and Naldo precision calculations performed in the laboratory of Barry
  • Cyd asks Barry Shelby is what I buy gift
  • Barry says he does not know but maybe if he knew and did not tell you because I knew it was a surprise that would make Cyd happy

A Time to Double Date

  • Cyd thank you to Barry and Naldo to help her with her party
  • Barry's friendship with Naldo is as strong as Cyd friendship with Shelby
  • Cyd smiles when he sees Barry believes will earn scissors stone
  • Barry feels Cyd place during dinner with twins

Jump to the '50's

Similarities & Differences


  • They both have brown hair.
  • They go to the same school.
  • They are both in high school.
  • They are both friends with Shelby, Naldo, Bret, and Chet


  • Cyd is a girl, Barry is a boy.
  • Cyd has the power to time travel, Barry doesn't.
  • Cyd has brown eyes, Barry has green eyes.
  • Barry is into science, Cyd has, thus far, shown no interest in science.
  • Cyd has a pet dog, Diesel, while Barry technically doesn't have pets. He does, however, have test animals, such as rats from the dump and a turtle named Kyle.

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