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"Barry, Cyd, Naldo & Shelby" is a group relationship in Best Friends Whenever.

Other names

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A Time to Travel

  • They were all in Barry's Lab at the beginning of the episode.
  • Barry, Cyd, and Shelby all agree that Naldo can't grow chest hair with Barry's laser.

A Time To Cheat

  • Shelby and Cyd tell Barry and Naldo about their powers.
  • Barry was concerned when Shelby and Cyd scream after accidentally traveling back to the future lab and when Naldo screamed over being out of chips.

A Time to Jump and Jam

  • Shelby and Cyd meet Barry and Naldo at the cafeteria.

Shake Your Booty (episode)

  • They were all Shelby's backyard at the beginning of the episode.
  • Shelby and Cyd meet Barry and Naldo's fathers in the past.
  • Barry and Naldo collect Shelby and Cyd's particles.

Jump to the Future Lab

  • They were all in Barry's lab when Shelby and Cyd confront Barry about the logo.
  • Barry and Naldo go to Globo-Digi-Dyne to warn Shelby and Cyd about the presentation.

Jump to the 50s

  • They all visit the attic where Shelby's grandmother's stuff are.

Similarities and Differences


  • They all attend the same school.
  • They are best friends.
  • They hang out at Barry's Lab.
  • They all find Bret and Chet to be annoying.
  • They are friends with Marci.
  • They all trusted Marci with the secret of Cyd and Shelby's powers.
  • They all can time travel altogether


  • Shelby and Cyd can time travel, but Barry and Naldo can't. (Former)
  • Shelby and Cyd are girls and Barry and Naldo are boys.
  • Naldo and Cyd like Spark Dynamo, but Barry and Shelby hate it.
  • Naldo, Barry, and Cyd have brown hair while Shelby has blonde hair.
  • Cyd has a dog named Diesel whereas Shelby, Barry, and Naldo don't have any pets (although Barry does have experimental animals in his lab).
  • Barry and Shelby are smart while Cyd and Naldo are clueless.
  • Shelby and Barry have siblings, but Naldo and Cyd don't have any.


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