Barry's Lab is a place in Best Friends Whenever. It is actually an old Winnebago where Barry keeps his inventions, such as the machine that gave Shelby and Cyd the ability to time travel. Naldo is Barry's assistant and therefore is in the lab regularly. The lab first appears in A Time to Travel. From the inside, it's bigger than usual. It's outside of Shelby's backyard and hot tub.

In Princess Problems, Barry's parents give him a new, updated lab (funded by the insurance on the RV), which is the now refurbished garage of the Eisenberg residence.


Season 1


The old lab.

Season 2

  • Princess Problems (last appearance of the old lab; first appearance of the new lab)


  • It has appeared in every episode.
  • It is the hangout for Barry, Cyd, Shelby and Naldo (and, possibly, later on, Daisy).
  • Barry's laser is the only object from the original lab that survived.
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