Barry's Lab is a place in Best Friends Whenever. It is actually an old Winnebago where Barry keeps his inventions, such as a machine that gave Shelby and Cyd the ability to time travel. Naldo is Barry's assistant and therefore is in the lab regularly. The lab first appears in A Time to Travel. From the inside, it's bigger than usual. It's outside of Shelby's backyard and hot tub.

In Princess Problems, Barry's parents give him a new, updated lab (funded by the insurance on the RV), which is the now refurbished garage of the Eisenberg residence..


Season 1


The old lab.

Season 2


  • It has appeared in every episode.
  • It is hangout for Barry, Cyd, Shelby and Naldo (and, possibly, later on Daisy).
  • Barry's laser is the only object from the original lab that survived.