What the heck happened here?
—Astrid when she saw the fire.

Astrid Marcus (née McCallister) is a character in Best Friends Whenever. She is Shelby, Chet & Bret's mother and wife of Norm Marcus. Her first voice was heard in A Time to Travel but she first appeared in A Time to Say Thank You. Astrid is portrayed by Mary Passeri.


She is very respectful and kind and she loves helping the family. She loves to cook and tells stories about the food she cooks. She cares about cooking healthy properly cooked meals. Not much is known about her backstory.



Norm Marcus (Husband)

Norm and Astrid are married. They have a healthy marriage but sometimes Astrid thinks Norm is crazy.

Shelby Marcus (Daughter)

Shelby is Astrid's daughter. They get along well but don't seem to talk very much.

Bret & Chet (Sons)

Bret & Chet are her sons. Astrid thinks her sons are free spirits and don't stop their messy plans because she believes it will stifle their creativity.

Cyd Ripley (Friend)

Astrid loves that Cyd is staying with them and wants her to feel like part of the family.


Astrid: Girls, it's time to get your Monday on!

Astrid to Shelby and Cyd.

Astrid: ...And cruelty-free chicken!
Cyd: How can chicken be 'cruelty-free', it's not still alive is it?
Astrid: Well no it was cruelty-free right until the end where they probably had to use a tiny little bit of cruelty, just enough to... The skin is really crispy!

Astrid talking about their dinner.

Cyd: Would you laugh if I say the ribs were crispy?
Astrid: No that means you're not cooking them properly.

Cyd didn't get the joke.
Astrid: I posted those pictures of you online, and you're a meme! "Failure to lunch", "Snack Attack", and this one is just called "Derp-Wich".


  • She is really humorous.
  • Shelby and Cyd discover she competes in Roller Derby matches as "Mommy Fearest," in Derby Little Secret.
  • She loves her alone time.


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