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"Astrid and Norm" is the relationship between Astrid and Norm in Best Friends Whenever.

Other names

  • Normtrid(Norm/an & Astrid)


Season 1

A Time to Say Thank You

  • They stand near each other a lot.
  • They both run in after the fire.
  • Astrid says Norm is crazy when he says stuff like that.
  • They both like the plant Cyd gave them.
  • They all hugged after the fire.

The Butterscotch Effect

  • Astrid tried to tell Bret & Chet that Norm just wants to relax, but it doesn't work.
  • Astrid says she'll have time with the boys so Norm can rest.
  • Astrid posted pictures of Norm online getting accidentally hit by his sons, and then Norm "became a meme".
  • When Norm is covered in seaweed, Astrid says he smells like squid diarrhea and like an oyster's armpit.
  • She throws a watermelon to him after unpacking the groceries.

The Girls of Christmas Past

  • They went to the grocery store together.
  • They wondered why Cyd was in their home and not with their family.
  • They wondered what jump-jacking is.
  • They tried to help Cyd with her parents.
  • They danced together in the alternate ending.

Fight the Future, Part 2

  • Astrid says Norm is the best husband ever for sending her on a spa weekend.
  • Norm tells Astrid to stay longer.

Fight the Future, Part 3

  • They appear in the episode but never interact because Astrid is home but Norm is at work.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both married.
  • They're both the parents of Shelby, Bret, and Chet.
  • They're both in love.
  • They don't fight.
  • They love their children.
  • They are both okay with Cyd living in their home.
  • They do not know Cyd and Shelby can time travel.
  • They both like to play with the boys.


  • Norm is older then Astrid.
  • Norm is a man, Astrid is a woman.
  • Norm is an accountant, Astrid is unemployed.
  • Astrid can take more damage than Norm.
  • Astrid is shorter than Norm.
  • Norm appears in 3 episodes and Astrid appears in 2.
  • Norm has dark hair and Astrid has red hair.


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