2015 is a past year starting on a Thurdsay, the 2015th year of After Death (AD), the 15th year of the 3rd millennium, the 15th year of the 21st century, and the 6th year of the 2010s decade. This year comes after 2014 and before 2016.


2015 is a point in time in Best Friends Whenever. It was the present time Cyd and Shelby lived in in season 1 until The Girls of Christmas Past.

In A Time to Rob and Slam the girls jump back and we see a part of this year as when they were still in 8th grade.

Known dates

Here are known specific dates Cyd and Shelby have time travelled to:


  • Cyd, Shelby, Barry and Naldo start freshman year of high school.
  • Cyd and Shelby gain the ability to time travel.
  • Marci and Cameron go to the dance.
  • Ms Nesbit is replaced with Ms. Johnson. Before she was arrested by officer Nesbit for not paying her parking tickets.
  • Cyd accidentally burns Shelby's house, but it gets fixed.
  • Barry's Science hero Dr. Julius Fleming died this year during the fall.
  • Everything changed with a new dimension of time travel discovered.

Alternate timeline(s)

A Time to Travel

  • An alternate timeline where Cyd goes to the dance with Cameron. This was replaced when Marci and Cameron go to the dance instead.

A Time to Jump and Jam

  • The alternate timeline where Cyd goes to Jen's party and becomes friends with her. Then get put in a police car when they try to steal pizza slamrittos.

A Time to Rob and Slam

The Butterscotch Effect

  • In one alternate timeline, Barry, Naldo and Ray start a band called Heart Rocket.
  • In another timeline, Barry has no friends, becomes a villain, and terrorizes the school.

Shake Your Booty

  • An alternate timeline where Barry's dad met Shelby and Naldo's dad met Cyd in 1978.
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